Build great offshore technology teamsWe specialize in building and managing Offshore Development Centers in India.

How we can help youFocus on what you do best - Develop Great Products. Leave the rest to us to manage.

1. Setting Up

If you are here, you are looking for help to setup your offshore development center in India. You may already know how to do it or may not have a clue. No worries. WE GOT YOU either ways. We have multiple setup models to help you get started.

2. Talent Acquisition

No one knows your talent needs better than you. We customize the interview process as you see fit and we follow a very intensive talent pre-assessment process so you only get to meet the very best.

3. Managed Office Spaces

We help setup and manage your offshore development office in premium work locations giving your team access to a productive work environment and a high branding value for your company

4. Ongoing Operations

While you focus on guiding your product development and scaling your company, let us focus on taking care of the administration and operational aspects of your offshore development center. Know more here

We understand that for startups and smaller companies, capital is limited and talent is hard to find. We specialize and focus on partnering up with small and mid-sized technology product companies that are out to change the world and just need a hand.

We look forward to doing great things with you Let us help you

Bangalore, India - Your Extended officeBangalore is home to the largest number of offshore development centers for global technology companies with access to diverse and high quality talent pool.

Talent CurationQuantity does not always equate to quality. Learn how we filter and pre-assess the talent so you only get to meet the best.

360 Managed Development CenterLearn more about our process behind your managed offshore development center

We look forward to doing great things with you. Let us help you.

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